Carpet Cleaning in Sandia Knolls, New Mexico

Specialty Rug Cleaning in Sandia Knolls, NM

Rug Cleansing

At Albuquerque Carpet and Rug Cleaning Pros we recognize that your delicate material carpets are a costly investment that, unlike routine carpets, could last 150 years or even more with proper treatment and attention.

That's why we make certain that your area & asian rugs are meticulously treated just by our certified, educated rug professionals in our distinct plant using a nine action procedure combining Vintage craftsmanship, brand-new innovation, as well as effective yet mild cleansing remedies. It's an effective mix for your investment fabrics.

Specialized Providers

In addition to standard rug cleansing, we provide the following services as required:

Carpet deodorising and also sterilizing
Stain removal
Pet pee removal
Smell removal
Moth/Insect control and repair
Edge cleansing and also remediation
Carpet Treatment

Between professional cleansings, there are steps you could take to maintain the life and appearance of your great carpets. These include:

Vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. 80% of the dirt in rugs is completely dry particulates. This matter will imitate sandpaper as well as damage the textile of your rugs.
Tarnish secure wool carpets. Most carpet mills do not immediately discolor safeguard, you need to.
Spills must be cleaned promptly, but DO NOT use the over the counter cleansers from the grocery store or home enhancement shop. These contain chemicals that could stain your rug. Rather, use soda water as well as blot the spill with a clean towel, then call us for assistance.
Make use of a rug pad. This will not just extend the life of the rug, however protect against slippage that can cause a person to fall.
We acknowledge that your rugs represent a substantial financial investment, and also are an integral part of your design. Routine cleaning as well as maintenance will enhance their look in addition to prolong the life of these important textiles. Call us today at 505-207-0127 as well as request for a service inspection of your rugs.

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